Why no computer shows up in "Online Computers"?

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Why no computer shows up in "Online Computers"?

Postby admin » Wed Sep 09, 2009 8:47 pm

Upon proper settings of WFilter, at least you're able to monitor yourself, even WFilter computer is not connected to a mirroring port.

If no computer shows up in "Online Computers", please check:

1. In "System Settings"->"Monitor Settings", check whether monitoring is started.

2. In "System Settings"->"Monitor Settings", check the "Monitoring adapter" to see whether it is correct.

3. In "System Settings"->"Monitor Settings", check "IP Segment" settings. If you're not sure about it, please leave it as blank.

4. In "Control Settings"->"User-computer table", check whether WFilter computer itself is checked as "Enable Monitor".

5. If all of above are correct, it might because your NIC is not supported by WFilter. WFilter supports most wired network cards, however, most wireless cards are not supported.

If you want to monitor a wireless network, check this example: Wireless Network Monitoring Example

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